Triacta Gateway

Submetering for Energy Management, Tenant Billing & Building Control

Triacta GATEWAY systems are modular, high density electrical meters and pulse collectors for M&V, energy management, and tenant billing applications.

Combining highly accurate, easily deployable, best-in-class metrology with a powerful computing foundation and IoT networking techniques, the Triacta GATEWAY system can easily integrate with legacy building automation protocols or with an IoT oriented network — seamlessly delivering building information to multiple cloud-centric or server-based systems, and making advanced building controls and M&V practical for the sub 50,000 square foot market.

Data Sheet (PDF)


The Triacta GATEWAY system offers property managers and building owners a highly accurate metering platform that can measure, store, and pass on building services information to any and all building management and business applications — avoiding costly information silos that hamstring building management initiatives by restricting information flow.

Measure Today. Control Tomorrow.

The Triacta GATEWAY’s modular design, open protocols approach and powerful LINUX based operating system means it can easily integrate with current and future building, business, and IT systems. Tomorrow will look different than today, and property managers and owners need to future-proof their buildings’ infrastructure so it can thrive in both worlds.

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