PowerHawk 4000 Series

Meter or monitor remote loads in multi-tenant buildings, commercial, industrial or institutional spaces

  • Meters measure full suite of energy data
  • Fast installation for new construction or retrofit applications
  • Building automation protocols built-in
  • Meters can be read on site or remotely
  • Upgrade firmware remotely

Meter Configurations

PowerHawk energy management meters come in two configurations — for low or high density applications.

PowerHawk 4X06 Multi-point Meter

The PowerHawk® 4X06 is designed to meter or monitor branch offices, remote loads, and other low density applications. The 4X06 provides six meter elements that can be configured for 1, 2 (network) and 3 element meters.

PowerHawk 4X24 High Density Meter

The PowerHawk® 4X24 is a high density energy management meter designed for multi-tenant buildings, medium-sized retail and institutional spaces, or any high density applications. The PowerHawk 4X24 meter provides twenty-four meter elements that can be configured for 1, 2 (network) and 3 element meters.

Advanced IP-Based Communications

Using advanced IP-based communications, PowerHawk meters transmit data over existing wireless, phone, or high-speed Internet connections without the cost of a dedicated service. No additional computers or meter reading equipment need to be purchased or maintained.

Triacta meters are built using industry standard protocols. Meter firmware can be upgraded remotely — making the meters future-proof for years to come.

Cloud-based Meter and Resource ManagemenT

Every Triacta meter comes with PowerHawk Manager, meter and resource management software that includes everything needed to create and manage metering infrastructure — from meter configuration and monitoring to full resource management.

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